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Providence News - November 2023

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

How common are mental health problems such as anxiety or depression in the UK? With 1 in 4 people in England each year experiencing mental health problems (McManus et al., 2009), and 1 in 6 people each week reporting experiencing problems such as anxiety and depression (McManus et al., 2014), the statistics paint a worrying picture.

The symptoms of feeling depressed can be complex and as unique as you. These can include low self-esteem, finding it hard to cope with day-to-day life, or difficultly finding motivation with interests which normally give enjoyment in life. Physical symptoms can also be present, such as a low appetite or experiencing a lack of energy and disturbed sleep. We can all experience these throughout periods of our life however, if these symptoms persist for weeks or months, this can be a sign of depression.

At Providence Counselling, our therapists based in Worthing and Chichester, are fully trained and experienced working with client’s symptoms of depression. The benefits of having one-to-one time talking with a non-judgemental therapist, can provide an opportunity to explore how you are experiencing your thoughts and feelings causing your depression. This is a unique opportunity which we do not always encounter in our daily lives talking with friends and family. Talking therapy offers you time to be heard and seen which may help you see your difficulties through a different lense to find the best way forward for you.

Symptoms of severe depression may also mean experiencing suicidal thoughts. If you feel unable to keep yourself safe, please reach out to the following services:

Samaritans - Telephone: 116 123

NHS 24/7 urgent mental health support - Telephone: 111 option 2

Visit NHS A&E

Switchboard LGBT+ helpline - Telephone: 0800-0119-100

Download ‘Stay Alive app’ provides tools to help keep you safe

Shout, 24/7 free text service – Text 85258

The Silver Line, friendship and advice for older people - Telephone: 0800-470-8090



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