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Mental Health Awareness Week: October 10th and11th, 2023

World Mental Health Day is happening on October 10th and 11th with the theme, Mental Health is a universal human right and should be everyone’s priority.

These two days are about raising awareness, fostering understanding, and promoting mental well-being for individuals, families, and communities.

Day 1: October 10th - "Breaking the Stigma". The first day, is the importance of breaking the stigma surrounding mental health. Inspiring stories from individuals who have triumphed over mental health challenges and experts will share insights on reducing stigma in our society. This day will empower us all with knowledge and empathy.

Day 2: October 11th - "Building Resilience" The second day focuses on building resilience and providing practical tools to support mental well-being. You can find resources, and expert advice on managing stress, and anxiety, and cultivating resilience in everyday life.

Why Attend?

  • To gain a deeper understanding of mental health issues.

  • To learn strategies for promoting mental well-being.

  • To connect with mental health advocates and experts.

  • To share your own experiences and stories.

  • To join a community committed to breaking the stigma.

  • To prioritize mental health and make a positive impact on individuals and society.



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